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Once you visit Duluth, you'll want a place to stay; Because after your first day, you'll find that you only seen a small fraction of what there is to see and do in Duluth.

Lodging In Duluth, Minnesota


Enjoy a night under the stars. Duluth is home to many great state parks and camp sites for all to enjoy!

Bed N’ Breakfast

Your home away from home. If a cookie cutter hotel doesn’t suit your style, stay at one of the bed & breakfasts in Duluth.


Overlooking Great Lake Superior, Duluth offers a wide variety of hotels and resorts for all budgets.


Duluth is calling you, but you need a budget place to stay? No worries, Duluth has many affordable lodging options.

Pier B Resort Hotel

Deeply-rooted in Duluth’s shipping community, Pier B docks once received cement from Great Lakes ships, storing the materials in the massive silos that remain on our property today. Now transformed into Pier B Resort Hotel and Silos Restaurant, our unrivaled location remains close to the heart of Duluth’s local tourism and activities, minus the congestion. Designed to connect you with Lake Superior, our resort, hotel, and restaurant bring you right next to the waterfront and our activities get you out on the water. With a surprising stay at Pier B Resort Hotel or a distinctive meal at Silos Restaurant, you’ll break through to the unexpected.

Hotels in Duluth

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